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Ok, as I’ve been saying all along illustrating the strategy aimed to make the protesters lose credibility, the violence in Rome during the #OCCUPYTOGETHER gathering has been fully planned and carefully staged.

Whoever planned the riots, though, didn’t think about a new element in the mixture. The NETWORK! People, now, can show ample evidence that the “Black Block” criminals have been, actually, sent in the march just to make damage, and allow the high powers to send in the Police to disperse the crowd.

Look closely at the two pictures…

Romwe, riots on #OCT15

Some criminals are destroying the windows of a bank, and one is watching over them...

Whooops! He is a COP!

Now look closely at the man in the red circle. His name is Stefano Cacciatori, he is a POLICE OFFICER, always working in plain clothes,  coming from, and still close to, some extreme right movements.

What is re result of all this? Simple. Whoever is talking about the demonstrations in Rome, does not talk about the 250000 people that were peacefully protesting, and tried to stop the violence, no. Everybody is talking about burned cars, destroyed windows, wounded cops and the fact that the city has been under siege for hours.

This, my friends, is the strategy I was talking about. The Cossiga Strategy!