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Ok, folks, WE paid 700 BILLIONS to save the ass of some crooked investors that are enjoying their fat bonuses,

We already paid, you crooks!

while we are left with just the crumbles (At least the lucky ones that still have something left).

Now the big banks are crying again because they spent it all and want some more. Why? Because they clearly are either wasting or embezzling our money. That’s OUR money being thrown away!

I don’t know you guys, but I want my money back. I really do.

But… How?

There is a way.  All these institutions are handling our credit cards, right? Well, let’s STOP PAYING THEM!

You see, the total U.S. revolving debt (98 percent of which is made up of credit card debt) is $793.1 billion, as of May 2011 (Source: Federal Reserve’s G.19 report on consumer credit, July 2011), and it happens to be VERY close to the bailout money that Uncle Sam gave them!

…So? So we ALREADY paid the WHOLE CREDIT CARD DEBT, with the bailout money! Why do we have to keep feeding them money?

Please, post your thoughts!