The strategy of Francesco Cossiga

Posted: October 16, 2011 in TheProblem
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What happened in Rome, on October 15th and in Oakland, CA on November 2nd is really unsettling, because it DEFINITELY looks like it was organized, to destroy the credibility of the protesters and to give a reason to the police to attack the NON VIOLENT march

The main result is that now the news are talking only about the few violent provocateurs, instead of the THOUSANDS of PEACEFUL protesters!

Here is the translation of an unsettling interview to the national newspapers, the late President Francesco Cossiga said:

Maroni (The minister of internal affairs) should do what I did, when I was minister in the same office. Let them do. Pull the police from the streets, infiltrate the movement with some provocateurs ready to do anything and, for about ten days, let the protesters wreck the businesses, burn cars and destroy the town. After that, with the popular consensus on our side, the whine of the sirens and the ambulances should overpower the one of the Police. That means that the Police should not have mercy, and send them all to the hospital. Don’t arrest them, the judges will send them free anyway, but beat them, and beat all the teachers, too. Mostly the teachers. No the old ones, of course, but those young teachers, yes. THIS is the democratic recipe: Extinguish the flame, before the fire spreads.”

Original text in Italian:

In una sconcertante intervista al Quotidiano Nazionale, Francesco Cossiga ha dichiarato: “Maroni dovrebbe fare quel che feci ioquand’ero ministro dell’Interno. (…) Lasciarli fare. Ritirare le forze di Polizia dalle strade, infiltrare il movimento con agenti provocatori pronti a tutto, e lasciare che per una decina di giorni i manifestanti devastino i negozi, diano fuoco alle macchine e mettano a ferro e fuoco le città. Dopo di che, forti del consenso popolare, il suono delle sirene delle ambulanze dovrà sovrastare quello delle auto di Polizia e Carabinieri. Nel senso che le forze dell’ordine non dovrebbero avere pietà e mandarli tutti in ospedale. Non arrestarli, che tanto poi i magistrati li rimetterebbero subito in libertà, ma picchiarli e picchiare anche quei docenti che li fomentano. Soprattutto i docenti. Non dico quelli anziani, certo, ma le maestre ragazzine sì… questa è la ricetta democratica: spegnere la fiamma prima che divampi l’incendio”.

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