Posted: November 10, 2011 in First Amendment, TheProblem
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Buy more TV time for this ad: http://bit.ly/s8GFBr
It has already aired on Fox News, History Channel, Bloomberg and elsewhere!

Most important demand is ending the FED because:

  • They’ve enslaved the U.S. government with debt.
  • They create money out of thin air.
  • The banks that now dominate the U.S. banking system use the FED as a tool to make money.
  • They devalue our currency.
  • They manipulate the U.S. economy by setting national interest rates.
  • They control the money supply.
  • The Federal Reserve is not part of the US government.
  • They’ve become too powerful.
  • They’re not accountable to anyone.
  1. Eye Floaters says:

    Bank of America somehow makes money even though they are one of the worst companies in the World. Would would you let a company like thats have your money?

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