Bank Transfer Day in Sacramento

Posted: November 6, 2011 in TheProblem
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Customers kleft out of Wells Fargo at Capitol Mall in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO – Bank Transfer Day in the state capitol began with a dramatic exchange at the Wells Fargo Capitol Mall location. The Occupy Sacramento protesters marched up to the front doors as two Wells Fargo customers claimed the bank wasn’t allowing them to close their accounts.

“I’m trying to withdraw my money, but I’m not being allowed in,” said a mother with her child holding her bank card up to the glass window.

“They won’t let me shut down my bank account, because there are some punks in there,” said Matt, a young man.

“They said I was loud, banging my head against the glass, and making death threats.”

Both customers were eventually let into the branch and closed their accounts. Wells Fargo spokeswoman Julie Campbell said the branch was closed in the morning for a preplanned power maintenance problem. The branch reopened at 12:30pm, but the property management security guards only opened the doors for individual clients, after they said a disruptive man presented a safety concern for the staff.

“The customer can always choose to close his or her account,” said Campbell.

“We will always honor that request and address their concerns. We’re listening to customers’ views and values.”

Protestors with Move On and Occupy Sacramento said they’re behind the “Bank Transfer Day” to send the message that local banks and credit unions give back to the community instead of corporate greed.

“Local banks invest in local business, local people, the community. They’re not about the profit,” said Rev. Odeye with Occupy Sacramento.

Golden 1 Credit Union prepare for the movement by extending branch hours from 4pm to 6pm and opening all locations over the weekend.

“It’s a busy day for us. We were anticipating we’d see a lot of new members and that’s what’s happening at every branch,” said Vice President of Marketing, Scott Ingram.

From News10


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