#OCCUPYDENVER – “Livin’ in the Land Where the Whip Still Cracks”

Posted: November 4, 2011 in First Amendment
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From DenverDirect

I went to Occupy Denver yesterday because Michael Moore was going to make an appearance, and I did get some footage of the statement he made. But before he arrived, this gentleman appeared, and made one of the most moving statements I have heard from the Occupy movement to date.

There are problems with the camera autofocus, but, please, stick around until the end of the video. It’s worth it.

Then you realize that there is people, in this country, that are insensitive and greedy enough to actually MAKE FUN of who runs out of luck and mocking the homeless, at Halloween. Like if losing your house is a fun game.

This makes me sick, not a random guy Noah Gauthier on a street, that spurts out some rough but still poetic sentences, laying down what is boiling among all of us.  Us, the people “Livin’ in the Land Where the Whip Still Cracks”.

Update: His name is Noah Gauthier. Thank you Noah Gauthier, thank you for your passion and your soul.


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