A BANKER sings about “The global economy is about to crash”

Posted: October 29, 2011 in TheProblem
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GENEVA, Switzerland – Gorka Cruz, thirty-three years old id a Swiss Citizen. Banker.

Nice voice, French accent, and the capacity of making some music, he has become the most known among the Geneva indignados.

With his song “The global economy is about to crash” he is launching a very popular refrain, that is spreading among the oppositors to the financial system.

The guy, even though he worked for four years at Barclay’s Bank, handling Hedge Funds, is a very original man. Every year, he sets aside part of his earnings and goes to India, to spend time in humanitarian activities. The popularity arrived, though, through a YouTube video, which we are showing you, where Gorka, armed with a guitar, predicts the imminent collapse of the system, and end the video by jumping off the Coulouvrenière bridge, in Geneva.

This is not a pessimistic message. Gorka tries to awaken the people, to build a healthier world and, to the “La Tribune de Geneve” who interviewed him, he said “My approach may seem contradictory, but working in a bank does not prevent me from bein critical toward the system. Every employee is just a gear in the machine, and by himself he can’t do much. There is a need of a global awakening of the consciences, to change the World


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