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  • The financial quakes will get larger and larger until the whole Eurozone collapse. I cannot tell you when but it is obvious the BIG ONE can happen at any moment. This Eurozone sovereign debt collapse will affect the whole world. Many Eurozone banks will go under. We will have a banking crisis. Got physical gold yet?

    S&P downgrades 24 Italian banks, financial firms
    (Reuters) – Standard & Poor’s on Tuesday downgraded 24 Italian banks and financial institutions, citing renewed “market tensions” and lower economic growth prospects. The action was taken after a review of the implications of a
    tougher-than-previously-anticipated macroeconomic and financial environment for the Italian banks, the credit rating agency said.

    “In our opinion, renewed market tensions in the euro zone’s periphery,
    particularly in Italy, and dimming growth prospects have led to further deterioration in the operating environment for Italian banks,” it said in a statement.

    (Reporting by

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