Riots in Rome probably previously organized

Posted: October 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Today, in Rome (Italy), the movement rapidly degenerated in a mass riot, with damages done to the city, bank windows destroyed and vast clashes with the Police.

But, WHY?

Simple. If you are a government, and half a million of people are PEACEFULLY on the streets protesting you, you are afraid of the spreading of the ideas… So, what do you do?

You try to ruin the spirit of the movement, infiltrating some individuals that start to do damage, big time. So, then, when the demonstration has turned “Violent”, you can call in the Police to attack and disperse the peaceful protesters, showing them to the world as violent criminals.

Well, this time it didn’t work all that well, because the people were siding with the police, and MANY of the violent individuals have been identified as part of a right extremist movement, called “Casa Pound” that have been knows to act as provocators during popular movements.

This is a known strategy, explained in detail by the late president Francesco Cossiga.

Read an Interview with Francesco Cossiga
Audio notes, with English subtitles


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