Banks Bailout Stings Unemployed

Posted: October 9, 2011 in TheProblem
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A techie lost his job during the 2008 downsizing and tried to renegotiate with his banks on his car loan. Denied! He sold everything he had to keep making the payments since his unemployment ran out last April. Friday he was notified he qualified for the new Federal extension so he could again buy food at the store and pay his bills and make up at least one of his two payments owed.

This morning he was visited by the repo man. Bam! Chase Bank received $25 billion in the bank bailouts and they repossessed the man’s car being 52 days late on the first payment and not even 30 days on the second. He called the bank and tried to get them to wait until his unemployment check arrived, but Chase said, “Not my problem, surrender the vehicle.”

Something doesn’t sit right with me on this. Why is the government bailing out banks when the real tragedy is the millions of “We The People” who are losing our cars and homes due to corporate greed? The bailout should be coming to the people and not the corporations.

Watch “The Corporation,” “Food, Inc.,” “Crude Awakening,” “Hacking Democracy” and “The Union: Business Behind Getting High” and more that demonstrate how private corporate and big money interests are getting preferential treatment over “We The People” of these United States of America. Get active in your government and express that it is not laws and legislation that we need, but a reality check on what matters more than money–people matter, money doesn’t.

Hearing someone say, “I’ll be dead before that happens” or “It’s not my problem” can really turn a stomach foul. Think about your grandchildren’s grandchildren and what they will inherit. Do you care about the future of our Spaceship Earth?

Greed is a sin. Turn away from sin.

Source: Technorati


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